“My attitude is much more positive since I met you.
I feel much better about meeting the challenges ahead. 
I really appreciate our time together.  You have helped
me tremendously.”

"I really can’t thank you enough for helping me.  We just
got off the phone and I was just saying, 'God, thank you
so much for her.'" 

"I just wanted to say how grateful I am that you have been supporting me.  I am recognizing my thoughts and how they make me feel.  Thank you for showing a “stranger” love and kindness…and a new way. "
Name Withheld

"Thank you for being so vulnerable and so natural about it all.  You are doing beautiful work." 

"I just thought you should know that your service for this family has had such a positive impact that others can see the difference in the children.  They seem happier, healthier and a heavy burden lifted." 

"I wanted to tell you that when I do The Work alone, it is your voice I hear, and it gives me peace.  I was worried about my survival before last week.  Now I’m feeling better, stronger.  Thank you." 
Name Withheld

"I must thank you.  I could have gone off the deep end.  Instead I’m now reading Byron Katie and other teachers." 
Name Withheld

"For the last several months, I have been enjoying a wonderful lightness in relation to our sessions.  The Work and your understanding have proven to be invaluable. " 

"You gave me the gift of tears without embarrassment.  Thank you." 

"I wanted to let you know that yesterday, maybe for the first time ever, I had the ability to listen to my dad from my heart instead of my head.  It was simple, but for me, poignant.  Such a small moment; but what a difference.  It’s likely the best thing I’ve done all year.  Thank you for your help as you were a part of this journey for me." 
Name Withheld

"I realize that everything has been part of a natural inner evolution to reach the stress-free state of where I now find myself around this issue.  I just wanted to let you know that your facilitation really helped me." 

"Your facilitation, given with loving intention, actually brought about a change yesterday.  I was calmer and happier." 

"I was thinking that the kind of love and attention you show me is the kind I want to show the people in my life.  My story about you is that you let people be the way they are and see reality for what it is.  You don’t get too attached and you realize that love is not something you get but what you already have in abundance.  It is just my ‘take’ on you."

"Thank you for doing The Work with me, and in your gentle yet savvy way."

"Your wisdom is a blessing and a cure for which I am very grateful.  Thank you."

"I wanted to say thanks for the session yesterday.  I am still assimilating the experience, but I am also feeling great!  I have had lots of energy today and am enjoying a sense of well-being.  I am astonished that one session could be so powerful."

"Ever since we met something has happened to me.  I don’t understand.  All of a sudden I don’t feel burdened or worried.  I feel my heart.  You helped me understand a lot of things."

“….your generosity, clarity, focus, wisdom and love have helped me “see the light” when I have been lost and plugged into my mindset.” 

“We enjoyed our time with you and were so inspired by your facilitation.  THE WORK really IS transformational.  I find myself noticing my old patterns of thinking.  I’m encouraged about our partnership.  We can really listen to each other now without pushing our own agendas.  I already see a difference in our children as I speak to them differently, and I’ve begun to listen.”

“I have had some very good change in my relationship with my mother.  We are speaking again.  I can accept her as she is, and love her.  What freedom.  Thank you for helping me to get there.”

“Just in a few weeks I have noticed a positive shift in my life and my family.  It’s so amazing and I love it!!!  Thank you for being a facilitator for The Work.”