About Me
I’ve been doing The Work for myself and with others since September 2000.  I participated in two 9-day Schools for The Work and staffed three schools for The Work. I participated in a 5-day New Year’s Mental Cleanse, a 5-day No-Body Intensive, and a 5-day Certification Workshop.  I’ve been a duly licensed and certified facilitator of The Work since August, 2008.


What I bring to the table

I bring freedom gained from doing The Work of Byron Katie:

Freedom gained from seeing my value and worth through the investigation of the childhood belief “others are better than you” ---I’m still working on it.

Freedom gained from investigating fear associated with abandonment, family alcoholism, separation, death, competition, etc., to find acceptance in all of it, including acceptance of myself; life. ---I’m still working on it. 

Wisdom learned by facing adulthood and becoming self-supporting even as I wailed, “Hey, you’re supposed to take care of me!”  

Wisdom learned by stepping onto a spiritual path in 1982 when I realized that life up to that point had been about pleasing others so that I might feel safe. 

Wisdom learned by realizing the consequences of my choices.

Wisdom learned by living with The Work

I bring experience as a facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.

Patricia Parrott
Certified Facilitator
of the Work of Byron Katie
Oak Hill, VA 20171
Phone: (703) 318-7246
Skype: patricia.parrott
Email: pfparrott@gmail.com